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Coming soon!

We will be hosting a puzzle competition that highlights recent research/findings related to indoor environmental quality.  Here’s how it works:

  • Submit images of overview figures, microscopy, graphs, photographs, or anything else that highlights your work. Click here to submit your images.
  • Images will be evaluated on a rolling basis and selected for inclusion.  All images submitted prior to image selection will be considered (after you submit an image it will be considered for all subsequent weekly selections), so you only need to submit an image once.


  • The image must be an original work by you
  • You must own the copyright or have written permission of the copyright owner
  • You give us permission to post the image on the Indoor Air 2024 website and use it (with attribution to you) in other materials to promote the conference
  • Images must be appropriate and comply with the ISIAQ code of ethics

Outstanding puzzle submissions will be honored at the Indoor Air 2024 Convention!