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Master Class (Summer School)

Master Classes (previously Summer School) are a unique opportunity to rapidly “master” emerging topics related to indoor environmental quality and practice in these areas. These sessions are led by industry, academic, and government leaders in our field and are useful for anyone (students, practitioners, researchers, faculty) who want to quickly learn about the latest advances and applications of these systems. This year, we focus on two particularly relevant topics: Next Generation Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Contemporary Germicidal Irradiation Applications. The classes will also include “What I Wish Someone Had Told Me” information for those new to these areas, as well as ample opportunity for questions. Master Classes are held on Sunday, July 7. Registration is $250 and can be added during the normal registration process or added on later. Registration includes coffee/snacks and lunch on Sunday.

Next Generation Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

A new generation of air quality (AQ) monitors has emerged for characterizing occupied indoor environments. This Master Class will introduce the technology and resolution ranges of AQ monitors now available on commercial market along with their secure networking, archiving and algorithmic abilities. Contemporary deployment examples will be presented along with best practices for installation, operations, maintenance and field calibration(s).

This master class will be led by an industry-university cooperative instructional team with extensive experience in this sector: Professor Jeff Siegel, University of Toronto & Dr. Julien Stamatakis, Chief Technical Officer, Attune Corporation (formerly Senseware Inc.).

Afternoon session 1:00pm – 4:00pm and coffee break 2:00pm – 2:30pm.

Contemporary Germicidal Irradiation Applications

Recent changes to industrial hygiene guidelines have increased attention for engineering indoor applications of UV.   This Master Class will introduce new perspectives on complimenting existing ventilation scenarios with conventional UV254 sources as well as adapting far UV222 source to occupied spaces.   Managing potential air quality impacts associated with indoor UV supplements will be presented in the context of the latest professional society and government agency guidance. 

This master class will be led by an agency-industry cooperative instructional team with extensive experience in this sector: Dr. Dustin Poppendieck, National Institutes for Standards and Technology (NIST) & Michael Clark, Chief Technical Officer, Far UV Technologies.

Morning session 9:00am -12:00pm with 10:00am – 10:30m coffee break.


How do I register for Master Classes?

  • You will have the option to add registration for Master Classes during the general conference registration process.  You can add it when you initially register or return to add it later.
  • You must register for the entire event (we are unable to offer registration for individual segments).

Who should attend the Master Classes?

  • The name was changed from “Summer School” to “Master Classes” this year to reflect the fact that these sessions are open to everyone.  The sessions are targeted to those who may be relatively new to these particular topics of interest, but most people can probably benefit from the presentations from our experts and the discussion.

When will Master Classes be held?

  • The event will begin in the late morning on Sunday, July 7 and will end by late afternoon.

Can I attend Master Class if I’m registered for the Remote Track?

  • Only in-person attendees will be able to attend Master Classes.

What food is included?

  • The event includes coffee and light snacks in the morning, a boxed lunch, and coffee and light snacks in the afternoon.